Flower Power

There is more information about this project on www.vivmartin.co.uk where the progression of making each piece is detailed.

This work, Cluster,  is part of my Flower Power project, exploring how small elements can cluster together to create different entities which may then fracture and reassemble – a metaphor of aspects of our own lives.  The work is made up of many roughly circular pieces of canvas onto which a screenprint (taken from an earlier woodcut) has been printed, on top of a screenprint of a line drawing of a flower head. The individual canvas pieces have been collaged onto a canvas support and a few of the flowers making up the flower heads have been randomly picked out in acrylic paint in shades of the colour of the first screenprint. The whole piece is wall mounted and approximately two metres in diameter.

The project began with a woodcut of a hydrangea head and developed into several larger pieces of work that used different printmaking methods to explore aspects of blossom as a metaphor of change and adaptation. This was recorded in my studio website www.vivmartin.co.uk as a series of phases, culminating in an exhibition in the Otter Gallery in Chichester in January/February 2010.


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