Last Days of Florence Workshop, until next year…

This print is from the final days of the timetable that I would have been following if we had been in the Florence printmaking studio, as planned. Usually, towards the end of the workshop, I try not to ‘finish’, but to open up new ideas to give some direction  to re-start work in my studio at home.

This print is different – darker and heavier than the previous prints, but it opens up the suggestion of a conversation between figures and stones, an idea that I might pursue. It was hard won – it went through four quite dramatic changes from an image that was just too pretty, through becoming dull and toneless, before it regained it’s vitality.

This previous print was more like the earlier ones, urging me to change the way I was working to develop a new direction.

Now I have several prints that I need to think about, that will set my work off again, but a little differently, developing the range of ideas in my home studio. I am glad that I gave myself the structure of a timetable and a limited range of subject matter – but I do hope that I can go to Florence for next year’s workshop!

About vivmartin1

Viv is an artist and educator based on the south coast of England.
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