Drifting Down the Danube

Last Christmas I spent a week drifting down the Danube and I filled a sketchbook with impressions, images and ideas. Most of the drawings were of reflections on the ship windows, mixed with images visible through the windows and objects (mainly plants) between me and the windows. I liked the ambiguity of the drawings, the juxtaposition of the different types of image and the way they seemed to suggest stories and questions that reflected the experience of the journey.

I made a series of twenty monotype paintings, which I began in a workshop in Florence in May this year. Most of the paintings went through four or five stages, where I added colour and marks or removed sections. This is a selection from the completed series.

I’m not sure if I’ve finished this series yet because there are several more ideas that I might return to soon.

About vivmartin1

Viv is an artist and educator based on the south coast of England.
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