Goodbye 2016

img_20161231_0012A New Year at last! In 2016 we had Christmas floating down the Rhine and instead of our usual morning champagne on Worthing beach, we drank a toast to all our relatives and friends in different corners of the world and shared some with the Rhine to carry to Neptune and the loved ones we’ve lost! These are some of the drawings I made through the week afloat – now I’ll start working out how to make larger work from them.


This first group were of trees and windows lit up with Christmas lights, on the river banks as we moved out of Cologne.















There were lots of castles perched on the tops of hills. Sometimes I drew with a pen and often I added colour with water-soluble pencils and a brush with a small water reservoir.










2016 was very difficult for me because my younger brother died suddenly early in the year, which was a horrible shock and the reason why we had to do something very different and away from home at Christmas. As it happened, we arrived in Strasbourg docks on Christmas Day and I rather liked these magenta rail trucks.


Maybe I had quite a lot of champagne, because not everyone saw the Rhine maidens or the Rhine gold, as I did!








I’ve been thinking that I might develop some of my print sequences into books, so I joined a workshop focused on making visual diaries and graphic novels. That has helped me to increase the variety and spontaneity of drawing and I’ve learnt to be a lot less fussy about accuracy – who would have thought that it would take fifty years to shake off the objective drawing habits from 1960s art college! So these drawings may become part of a book as well as contributing to a series of monotypes – more in due course…




About vivmartin1

Viv is an artist and educator based on the south coast of England.
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2 Responses to Goodbye 2016

  1. Lisbeth Springer says:

    The work is very lovely! Sorry to hear about your brother’s passing. Take care.

  2. Cindy Miracle says:

    Dear Viv, Happy New Year to you and Paul! Thank you for sharing your Rhine experience – these drawings and paintings are wonderful! XOX, Cindy

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