Getting Focused

My art ideas come so directly from my experience that I sometimes find it very difficult to focus on one project when something else throws up possibilities. We’ve been in France for the last two weeks, Brittany and right by the Atlantic on a rocky coast. P1020614The light there is beautiful – clear and bright with colours singing and strong tones. I took watercolour because it’s so convenient to travel with, but I so often find myself doing very traditional studies, nothing like the work I’m really interested in doing, which would draw from this but be much more layered and complex. P1020615So now I’m back in my studio and find that I’ve three projects all wanting attention! I’ve made several prints of the daffodil field woodcut, but it needs resolving and there are additional elements to print to extend the story. There is also all the research from my work in Greece that I’ve barely begun to develop. Now I’ve revived my interest in the material collected in Brittany over many years. This is mostly about the prehistoric remains there, standing stones rather than these sea views. P1020616

So I’ll be leaving these watercolours for the time being, to focus on developing the ideas from Greece and to make some completed prints of the daffodil field. Probably…


About vivmartin1

Viv is an artist and educator based on the south coast of England.
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