Art in Athens

1 contrastPaul and I have just returned from a wonderful art research trip to Greece, with full sketch books, lots of small watercolour paintings, far too many photos, pages of journal notes, a pile of very heavy books and a number of museum replicas. 2 a brighterOur memories are full of spring flowers, pale columns against a deep blue sky, the shining cliffs and mountains of Delphi and the constant distinctive presence of the Acropolis, crowning the skyline of Athens. 3 as isSo I’m feeling overwhelmed at the moment, but excited by the many new ideas and challenges that are beginning to emerge! P1020258These are a few of the watercolour sketches I made of the acropolis in Athens. At the time I was just trying to catch something of the colour and light as it changed. Now I’m working on developing something about the glimpses of it’s turbulent history that I have from the sculpture, fragments of pots and evidence of past lives.6 brighter I’m not sure yet whether to work in paint, print or something else, so I’m starting by linking the watercolour skyline with some of my sketch book drawings of figures from pots. More news later!


About vivmartin1

Viv is an artist and educator based on the south coast of England.
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2 Responses to Art in Athens

  1. vivmartin1 says:

    Hi Cindy, So pleased you like them and had similar thoughts about the light! They’re quite small – the small ones about 6 x 9 ins and the big ones double. Can’t sell until I’ve developed some work from them! I’ll email you. Lots more too – Mycenae, Delphi, Sounion… I’m working with putting some of the images from pots and sculpture into the landscapes… perhaps!

  2. cimyart says:

    These are all wonderful Viv!!! These really capture the feeling of light I remember from Greece. I especially love the third one – what are the dimensions and is it for sale?

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